The Sissy Transformation Process: How “Straight” Men Become Women.

Here are the 11 phases of Sissification, which are currently floating around on some online sissy communities, such as Newfapchan.

Phase 1: Softcore, then hardcore vanilla porn is discovered. Nowadays, it begins at an extremely early age thanks to the Internet (fortunately… or unfortunately)! 

Phase 2: Shemale porn is discovered by happenstance. Nowadays, the popularity of Shemale porn increases one’s chance of exposure to it. Traps (posted on 4chan /d/) influence the younger generation. At this stage, the fapper imagines himself strictly as a Top or perhaps a little “heteroflexible” (for Shemales and Traps only). After much time, the fapper begins to wonder what it would be like to actually BE in the Shemale’s or Trap’s situations.

Phase 3: Self-hypnosis videos, captions, fap roulettes and porn music videos are all discovered. This is the longest phase to get through and is often accompanied by intense guilt after masturbation. During this time, the “guy”… err, I mean the sissy imagines herself undergoing forced feminization; however, the fantasy of being a woman or having sex with a guy (as a woman) ends with each blown load. 

Phase 4: Fap content runs out. Videos are re-watched. This causes subliminal messages to be internalized even further. Occasionally, a new video will be produced, but these are few and far between as they are mostly produced by other users, in their spare time, and the content creators are also fapping during video creation which slows down the process. Audio files are discovered and used in the meantime. When a new video comes out, it is a treat.

Phase 5: The sissy decides to act on a few suggestions, implanted by the videos, before blowing her load. She will purchase a few beginner items such as: a buttplug and a pair of panties online. By the time she finishes stroking her sissy clit, she has already pressed the “Order” button. And it is too late to turn back now. During the next fap session it actually turns her that she has some embarrassing items coming in the mail. 

Phase 6: Items are received and used. This is known as the buy and purge phase. If the sissy purges, she goes back to Phase 5; however, each time a new buy cycle occurs the sissy becomes slightly more experienced and buys not only panties and stockings or a buttplug, but maybe a pair of heels or even a wig. But a purge follows predictably soon after. The hypnosis, however, continues. A sissy might be stuck in this phase for years, because there is always a large gap of time between each purge and the next buy.

Phase 7: The sissy knows she is not getting any younger and there is no purge during this phase. This is the final buy. She wants to see if she can “pass” for a real Woman while she still has (some) of her youth. In other words, it is time for the sissy to “go all the way” with makeup and everything and see what she looks like. She vows not to purge. The lucky ones enter this phase around ages 18, 19, 20. Others enter this phase in their mid to late 20s, or early 30s. Many enter Phase 7 too late, like at the age of 45… Eeek! At this point, the sissy is still living IRL as a guy but also has their own private location where they can be female 24/7 after school or work. 

Phase 8: Trapped. The sissy now has a sizable wardrobe of sexy clothes, a basic makeup collection (from watching hours of tutorials on the web), and sex toys. The sissy has thrown away all her male underwear and socks at this point. She has not bought any male clothes in ages but her outer layers still consist of male clothing. She only pretends to be a male for as short a time as possible, then quickly comes home to throw of her disgusting male clothes and dress in proper, beautiful, clothes that a female like her should only be wearing. Even if she wanted to go back to being male at this point, she cannot because she looks and feels so much better as her true gender and in all likelihood already spent a small fortune on clothes so what would be the point of throwing it all away?

Phase 9: Tipping point. The sissy will purge for good and find a new way in life, but this is extremely unlikely. In reality, the sissy will reach a limit to how feminine she can become and begin to take hormones. At first, she just wants them to become more androgynous, and thus look more feminine. She tells herself that “it will only be temporary to become more feminine without makeup” and the hormones will be taken “only until the point where Androgyny is reached.”

Phase 10: Hormonal changes. The changes seem slow to her, but to the passerby they are quite apparent. Fat redistribution occurs. Her ass and thighs get bigger and she’s able to make her booty “clap” when shaking it in front of the mirror. At first she has only AA breasts, a big booty, and soft skin. But the changes are slow from her perception. One day she will wake up and say “how did I become this?” as she looks down at her B cup breasts, shaved clitty, and freshly painted toenails. She will question de-transitioning, but it will be too late. She will have already gotten used to a new lifestyle, a new sexuality, and new friends. She will likely have a boyfriend or a fuckbuddy at this point who will have “made her into a woman” by cumming inside her and sealing her fate. She realizes that the most feminine thing a woman can do is have sex with a man. Because of this fact, she has sex with men OFTEN and ONLY. She knows can never be a real man again. If her boobs are too small to be a real Woman’s, yet too big to be a man’s she WILL get implants. It is the only logical conclusion. Now, she’s literally a full blown shemale. 

Phase 11 (Optional): SRS is sometimes undertaken, but is usually regretted.


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